Build Rock Solid

Repair Services

We offer a full range of foundation and structural repairs including:

  • Engineering assessment and repair design

  • Underpinning, including lifting and stabilization options

  • Mudjacking and slab leveling operations

  • Reinforcement and strengthening utilizing wraps and carbon fiber technologies

  • Waterproofing and diversion systems

Construction, Design & Management

If you desire a concrete, timber, and/or steel structure, we offer all phases, from concept design to finished construction. We have extensive experience with the design and implementaion of ICF, SIP, EPS, and LEED equivalent construction. We have completed projects that are currently performing well beyond industry standards for energy usage and savings.

Our experience designing and building these structures can save you valuable time and money on your project. We know what works and can quantify the potential savings of many details often specified by others without regard to price and constructability.

We design for quality, value, energy efficiency and constructability. We believe that quality construction begins with knowledgeable and detailed design. Agate's owner, construction engineer James Quarve built his first energy-rated home  in 1982. His commitment to high quality, energy-efficient structures has only grown through the years.

Specialty Contracting Services

All types of foundation construction on new projects, modification of existing structures and repairs of failed systems.

  • Helical Piers

  • Push Piers

  • Grout Injection

  • Micropiles and Underpinning

  • Tieback Anchors

  • Shoring and Structural Modifications

Engineering and Design Services

Engineering and design services for concrete, timber, and steel. We will use your design or furnish a site specific solution.

Alternate Foundation Plan

Alternate foundation plan, pricing and proposals based on geotechnical information and owner requirements.

Design-Build Construction

Design-Build construction process to save time and dollars for our clients.

Construction Consultation

Construction consultation – owner’s representation.

Construction Inspection

Construction inspection and management services.

Plan Review

Plan review and conversion for insulated concrete form projects.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony in construction litigation.